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      Ultrisine Hardcore™ Clinical Studies

      Ultrisine Hardcore™ is a patented fast-acting fat burner designed from innovative clinical research. In a cutting edge muscle cell culture study, key active ingredients in Ultrisine Hardcore™were shown to double the production of irisin, a specific fat burning muscle hormone that is believed to support brown adipose thermogenesis, as well as increase
      AMPK activation, another fat burning muscle protein that is stimulated by physical activity. By activating brown adipose tissue, Ultrisine Hardcore may shift body fat to an energy source, thus allowing you to lose body fat in just 4 weeks.+

      Clinical #1 On complete formula

      • University research demonstrated that Ultrisine HardcoreTM was so powerful it boosted metabolism in 30 minutes.+
      • After 90 minutes, it burned the equivalent amount of calories as running over 2 miles or walking over 5500 steps.#
      • Subjects lost significant body fat in just 4 weeks.+
      • Reduced fatigue by 48%.+
      • A follow-up muscle cell culture study showed that Ultrisine HardcoreTM doubled the production of Irisin, a unique fat burning muscle hormone.+

      Clinical #2 On complete formula – not just one ingredient

      • In study number 2 on Ultrisine Hardcore (the complete formula), male and female subjects took a single serving of Ultrisine Hardcore, just once daily during a controlled 8-week diet and exercise program.+
      • The subjects lost an impressive 10.29 lbs of bodyweight, which was 40% greater than the placebo control group.+
      • Body weight loss was primarily from body fat.+
      • After 8-weeks, there was no drop in resting metabolic rate, despite robust weight loss.+


      Clinical #3 Metabolism Study Results Coming Soon


      ^US. PROVISIONAL PATENT 62/248,965 #Calories burned based on using metabolic equivalency (MET) calculations. Mile calculation based on 150 lb person running 6 mph. Steps based on a 150 lb person walking 3 mph, at a pace of 2,000 steps per mile. +The Effects of a Multi-Ingredient Fat Burner on Weight Loss and Metabolism. (White Paper). @British Journal of Nutrition (2013), 110, 733–738.