Weight Loss Supplement FAQ | Ultrisine by MHP | Made in USA


      Frequently Asked Questions


      Does Ultrisine Hardcore™ burn fat fast? Is there really research that shows it works?

      Yes. Ultrisine Hardcore™ works! Our clinical studies on the complete weight loss supplement formula show fat loss in just 4 weeks. Ultrisine Hardcore™ stimulates brown adipose fat (the kind that is stored to keep you warm) and activates it to burn energy as heat to warm up the body and ignite this fat burning pathway to help you attain a lean, beautiful physique. Click here to see more information on our clinical studies.

      Is Ultrisine Hardcore™ Safe for Burning Fat Fast?

      Ultrisine Hardcore™ is a safe weight loss supplement when used as directed on the label and when used by healthy adults. Ultrisine Hardcore™ is manufactured in a GMP facility and undergoes strict quality control. If you are uncertain if Ultrisine Hardcore™ is right for you, consult your doctor.

      How can I see reviews from people who have actually tried Ultrisine Hardcore™fat burner?

      Reviews can be found on our ABOUT page or at mhpstrong.com

      What are the side effects of using Ultrisine Hardcore™?

      Ultrisine Hardcore is safe to use if you are a healthy adult and use as directed on the label. If you have any questions about using Ultrisine Hardcore™, please consult your doctor.

      What are the energy boosting ingredients in Ultrisine Hardcore™?

      • Ultrisine Hardcore™ contains a complete formula supported by two clinical studies and features:
        A Metabolism & Brown Adipose Activating Matrix—containing Gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, Polygonum cuspidatum root extract,
        Aframomum melegueta seed extract, Cayenne pepper fruit extract, and Raspberry ketone.
      • A Powerful Energy, Mood & Satiety Complex – containing Green tea leaf extract, Citrus aurantium, Caffeine, Advantra Z, Mucuna pruriens seed extract and Yohimbe bark extract.

      How fast will Ultrisine Hardcore™ boost my metabolism?

      Ultrisine Hardcore™ has been shown to boost metabolism in 30 minutes with body fat loss in just 4 weeks. A low calorie diet and level of exercise will also play a role in helping to achieve your weight loss goals.

      How long can I take Ultrisine Hardcore™?

      For optimal results, use Ultrisine Hardcore™ for 60 days with a calorie reduced diet and exercise. Take this weight loss supplement for a maximum of eight weeks as part of a healthy diet and exercise program.

      How do I take Ultrisine Hardcore™? When should I take dietary supplements?

      To assess your tolerance to Ultrisine Hardcore™, start by taking one capsule in the morning with breakfast and 8 oz of water. Do not exceed two capsules in a 24-hour period. Do not consume Ultrisine Hardcore™ within six hours of bedtime. Do not use this product continuously for more than 8 weeks.

      Is Ultrisine Hardcore™ dietary supplement made in the USA?

      Yes! Ultrisine Hardcore™ is made in the USA from international and domestic ingredients.

      Where can I buy Ultrisine Hardcore™?

      Ultrisine Hardcore can be purchased online from mhpstrong.com, as well as other retailers.