The Ultimate Fat Burning Supplement | Ultrisine | Maximum Performance

Ultrisine Hardcore is a powerful new fat burner offered exclusively at GNC. Supported by 2 gold standard clinical studies, Ultrisine Hardcore was so powerful, it boosted metabolism in 30 minutes#. After 90 minutes, it burned the equivalent amount of calories as:+

  • Running over 2 miles
  • Walking 5500 Steps
  • Yoga for 70 minutes
  • Punching bag 20-30 minutes
  • Bicycling 25 minutes
  • Swimming 30 minutes

# The Effects of a Multi-ingredient Fat Burner on Weight Loss and Metabolism. (White Paper). +Calories burned based on using metabolic equivalency (MET) calculations. Mile calculation based on 150 lb person walking 6 mph; steps on 150 lb person walking 3 MPH, a pace of 2000 steps per mile. Yoga is light intensity; punching bag moderate intensity; bicycling is moderate intensity 12-14 mph. Swimming is leisurely, general swimming


Erica F.

“ I’ve been taking Ultrisine Hardcore for 4 weeks along with a healthy diet and feel great! I’ve already noticed a change around my waist and thighs (my two trouble areas) and my clothes fit better after all my holiday indulgences. I love that all I have to do is take two capsules in the morning with water and breakfast, rather than timing my meals around multiple servings of 3+ pills throughout the day. Can’t wait to see my results after 8 weeks! ”

Henry G.

“ Typically, anytime I take a fat burner it’s either too strong or I don’t feel anything. Ultrisine on the other hand is the perfect medium, because the first week I had more energy, but after the first week it’s like I have sustained energy throughout the day. I have noticed that my midsection and obliques look more defined. I’ve also had to go up a notch on my belt buckle because my pants are loose. I highly recommend it! ”

James G.

“ Great product, tons of energy, kept my appetite under control. ”